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announcement Last update: Saturday, 9 januari 1999 24.00 by Harold

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This website will be the most up-to-date medium used by the Noorderslag organisation to inform you and the website's content wil change rapidly so stay tuned!

Saturday 9 january 1999 24.00
Junkie XL has won the "Popprijs!" The band gave a steaming performance in de Oosterpoort to celebrate the trophy.
On a sadder note: website photographer Martin Lambeek fell from the main stage and severely bruised his leg. He had to visit the hospital but could return home after an inspection. We wish him a speedy recovery!
Saturday 9 january 1999 20.00
Several VIP's have been spotted in the Oosterpoort feeding the rumours of who will win the "Popprijs". Members of Skik, Junkie XL and the Urban Dance Squad were seen lurking in the halls! Other favorites are De Dijk and Anouk.
Friday, 8 januari 1999 23.01
Schneider TM (EuroSonic, Simplon) is cancelled because one of the members broke his leg in Simplon!
Thursday, 7 januari 1999 17:12
O wow! Our secret rumours team 'SRT' (we WILL deny it exists!) spotted a flighcase of 'DE DIJK' in de Oosterpoort. After some research at we know that De Dijk's recordcompany is Polygram. And at we learned that SKIK also is under contract there. (In case they use eachothers flighcases;)
Thursday, 7 january 1999 16.30
The keynote speech of secetary of State Rick van der Ploeg at the Seminar on saturday has been cancelled. Mr. van der Ploeg is not able to come to Groningen. A senior spokeswomen of the Seminar stated when questioned about the reason for cancellation that it was due to: "druk, duk, druk...".
Thursday, 7 januari 1999 12.00
New bands have been added to the roster for Euroslag! Cabbage (Bel.) will play at the Vera Club, the Seatsniffers (Bel.) are booked for de Spieghel, Ozark Henry comes to Grand Theater. Stand-Up Comedian Arthur Umbgrove will make an appearance at the News cafe!
Thursday, 7 januari 1999 11.55
Due to to reconstruction work at De Mingel the program has been re-scheduled to de Troubadour (Peperstraat). The Friesland Pop and Marista records bands will now play at the Troubadour!
Thursday, 7 januari 1999 11.50
De Koekkoek Cafe has been added to the EuroSonic bill featuring Kopna Kopna and Redivider (winner of "de Grote Pijs van Nederland"). Redivider kicks of at 23.30 friday the 8th. Kopna Kopna will start 00.30. Koekkoek can be found in the Peperstraat.
Also added to the bill is the News cafe which will showcase bands of the S.M.A.R.T. label such as Grof Geschut.
Thursday, 7 januari 1999 11.35
A couple of bands and artists featured on the Noorderslag bill will play live at the Plato record store (O. Ebbingestraat) on saturday, january 9. Names confirmed include Ozark Henry, Speed 78, Ilse de Lange, Bloem and Postmen. These mini-gigs will take place between 13.00 and 18.00 hour.
Wednesday, 6 januari 1999 21:52
A rumour spread in nl.muziek: Acda & de Munnik have a gig on january 9th but this gig cannot be found anymore at Why? To win the Popprijs maybe? Our research-team cannot confirm this: at they found a gig of Acda & de Munnik at january 9 in 'Harderwijk'...

Wednesday, 6 januari 1999 16:17
The live-broadcast planned at january 8 in the VERA-club is cancelled. According to VERA they're too busy... some surfers were NOT amused, but hey: there are 2 other broadcasts planned from the Grand Theatre and Simplon!

Wednesday, 6 januari 1999
EuroSonic MAP: Cafe de Koster is located at the 'Carolieweg' in our map but the rumour has spread that Cafe the Koster is actually located at the 'Hoogstraatje'. Our research-team is working on it ;)

What's up in Groningen on 8 and 9 January?:

Noorderslag Seminar
Friday 8 and Saturday 9 january 1999 - De Oosterpoort, Groningen
For more info, contact: Conamus, Richard Zijlma
- Over 800 professionals of the Dutch music industry together in one place
- Over 20 discussions, panels, lectures and presentations on matters concerning Dutch music and the Dutch industry
- 'De Veer' award, Dutch music business professional prize
- 'Pop Pers Prijs' award, Dutch music journalist prize
- Lots of enter- and infotainment!
- Organised in co-operation with Music & Media, Muziek en Beeld, NVPI, Sena, VNP nd supported by STAP and Thuiskopiefonds. With thanks to Buma.

Noorderslag Festival ***SOLD OUT***
Saturday 9 january 1999 - De Oosterpoort, Groningen
For more info, contact: De Oosterpoort, Peter Sikkema
Festival with the best and most promising of Dutch rock and dance bands and acts under one roof in one night. - 'De Popprijs', award for the biggest contribution to Dutch rock, pop and dance
- Live on National Radio 3 FM
- Live audio, video and chat on this website by Iprecom)
- Cybercafe in De Oosterpoort
- Sold out shows, lots of media attention
- Made possible by the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten
- Price: FL 37,50 (Passe-partout with EuroSonic: FL 42,50)
- Ticketsales start at: Saturday 14 november at the 150 larger Postoffices, the GWK's, and in Groningen: Plato, Elpee and De Oosterpoort (info on ticketsales: 050-3131044)
- Ticketservice 0900-300.1250 (75 cpm) and
- Line-up: read the band index

EuroSonic The European Showcase Festival
Friday 8 january 1999 - City center of Groningen
For more info, contact: Buro GoGo, Igor Monnink
- Showcases and performances of new European bands and acts
- broadcasted live and European-wide by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
- and live on this website by Iprecom)
- Broadcasted live by national Radio 3 FM in the Netherlands
- EuroSonic Special in Music & Media
- Organised in co-operation with EBU, VPRO, NOS and Music & Media
- Price: FL 15,00 (Passe-partout with Noorderslag: FL 42,50)
- Ticketsales start at: Saturday 14 november at the 150 larger Postoffices, the GWK's, and in Groningen: Plato, Elpee and De Oosterpoort (info on ticketsales: 050-3131044)
- Ticketservice 0900-300.1250 (75 cpm) and
- Line-up: read the band index

Please thank these COOL bands and their agency's for offering these FULL-TRACK MP3's by just using these tracks for private use and by visiting their websites!
lemming.mp3 (Starry Night) Website!
friction.mp3 (Super OK) Website!
halfaday.mp3 (And Then Some) Website!
tympanic.mp3 (we lost that name somewhere;) Website!
onderhonden_01.mp3 (Vette Kluif) Website!
onderhonden_02.mp3 (Onderhonden van de Grond) Website!
firebirds.mp3 (the Shake) website...
lawn.mp3 (Remind) Website!
(new MP3 files can also be found in the band index)

PopPrijs Rumours
In the public newsgroup nl.muziek the next persons/bands are named as potential winners of the PopPrijs 1999: Anouk, Andre Rieu, Grant & Forsyth, Ilse DeLange, Golden Earring, Caesar, The Ex, Jammah Tammah, Solex, Junkie XL, Travis, T-Spoon. Ofcourse we cannot confirm or deny, but... maybe your personal nominee can influence the jury's decision. (Money won't work, we know, we've tried...)

Previous websites
Noorderslag has been online since 1995 and we invite you to visit these state-of-the-art websites. 1998 has over 400MB of online live recorded music and video... 1997's got less, but has a cool game (CROWDSURFER) and 1986-1995 is the 'archive': shows all bands that ever played on the Noorderslag Festival. Happy surfin' and see you around!

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