When: THU 12 JAN - 21.00 - 01.15 h
Where: Shadrak

Shadrak Up
Outsmarted 21.30-22.00
The Liszt 22.30-23.00

Shadrak Floor
Funktransplant 21.00-21.30
Next Item 22.00-22.30
Tonatics 23.00-23.30

These bands are nominated for the POPNL award. Also playing in Shadrak:

Audiotransparent 23.30-00.15 (Up)
LPG 01.15-02.00 (Up)
Whipster 00.30-01.15 (Floor)

Sp!ts POPNL Breakthrough Awards
POPNL is the national platform for information, promotion, lobbying and
product development for local and regional pop music organisations and musicians. Each Dutch province sends one candidate for the award. A professional jury makes a selection of their demos, and the candidates that make it to the final are playing tonight. The winner is announced at the end of the night, and the first prize includes a tour of Dutch stages and festivals.

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