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7 & 8 January 2000, Groningen, The Netherlands

One of the main musical events of Northwest Europe, EuroSonic/Noorderslag takes place Friday 7 and Saturday 8 January in Groningen in the Netherlands.

Comprising of two festivals and one conference in two days, EuroSonic/Noorderslag gives you an overview of new artists from Europe and the Netherlands and is attended by the entire Dutch music industry, plus a large number of movers and shakers of European radio, European festivals and the European live music industry.

Friday, January 7 - Groningen city center
EuroSonic - The European Showcase Festival
Organised for the sixt time, EuroSonic presents new rock, pop and dance acts from all over Europe to media, the music industry and a broad audience. Organised in co-operation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the festival is broadcast to several European territories, including a live live broadcast in the Netherlands by Radio 3FM. Artists include Kashmir (DK), Arid (B), Monster (S), Hefner (UK), Ohm Square (CZ), Stella (D), DoctorOlive (F), We (N) and Venus (B).

EuroSonic is supported by AMPCOPro Rent, The Network and the European Broadcasting Union

Friday 7 & Saturday 8 January - De Oosterpoort, Groningen
Noorderslag Seminar
The annual two day meeting place for the Dutch music industry, Noorderslag Seminar hosts everybody in the Dutch music industry, including record companies, publishers, agents, promoters, managers, clubs and associated parties. Apart from over 35 Dutch panels, this years edition hosts English spoken panels on the French and German music markets, recent developments in the European live music industry and on the Swedish succes story.
The Network - a platform of independent bookers, promoters and agents - has a private discussion meeting at Noorderslag Seminar. Yourope, the European Festival Association, gathers at Noorderslag to discuss new developments.
Noorderslag Seminar expects over 1000 professionals from the Dutch music industry and around 200 international participants. Speakers include Uli Grossmaas (Popkomm, D), Petri Lunden (Motor, S) and Dag Haeggqvist (Gazell, S) The international panels of Noorderslag Seminar are supported by Popkomm (D) and Printemps de Bourges (F).

Saturday 8 January - De Oosterpoort, Groningen
Noorderslag Festival
Traditionally a sold-out show, Noorderslag Festival is where the new breed of Dutch rock, pop and dance music presents itself. With over 30 acts on seven stages under one roof, the festival attracts huge media attention and is broadcast in full by national Radio 3FM. During Noorderslag Festival the prestigious Dutch Pop Award is presented, an event warmly anticipated by both audience and media. This yearıs edition presents the debut live performance of the new Junkie XL and stages another 35 shows, including Daryll-Ann, DJ Tiësto and Arling & Cameron.

Richard Zijlma at Conamus
PO Box 929
1200 AX Hilversum
The Netherlands
tel: +31 35 621 87 48
fax: +31 35 621 27 50

Noorderslag, EuroSonic and the Noorderslag Seminar are organised by the Noorderslag Foundation, a co-operation of the Conamus Foundation, De Oosterpoort Groningen and NPI, the Dutch Rock & Pop Institute.

Sold out? EuroSonic and Noorderslag will be broadcast live on this website on january 7th and 8th!

Wij feliciteren EuroSonic en Noorderslag met 5 jaar live aanwezigheid op het Internet:
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