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Noorderslag Festival in De Oosterpoort on Saturday January 8, is where the new breed of contemporary Dutch rock, pop and dance music presents itself. With over 30 acts on seven stages under one roof, the festival has been a soldout event for well over a decade. Noorderslag attracts huge media attention and is broadcast in full by national Radio 3FM. During Noorderslag Festival the prestigious Dutch Pop Award is presented, an event warmly anticipated by both audience and media.
Highlights of the upcoming edition include Junkie XL (new lineup live debut), Daryll-Ann, Arling & Cameron, DJ TiŽsto, Peplab and Cablejuice.

Since 5 years, vi broadcasts the EuroSonic and Noorderslag festivals worldwide on the Internet via This year these all Noorderslag stages will be on air.


Sold out? EuroSonic and Noorderslag will be broadcast live on this website on january 7th and 8th!

Wij feliciteren EuroSonic en Noorderslag met 5 jaar live aanwezigheid op het Internet:
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