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7 & 8 January 2000, Groningen, The Netherlands

- Breaking New European Artists
- Live EBU Radio Broadcast Throughout Europe
- Live vi WebCasts
- Meet The Dutch Music Industry
- 1000 Professional Participants
- Panels And Meetings on Dutch and European music

On 7 and 8 January 2000, the city of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands hosts EuroSonic/Noorderslag, one of the main musical events in Northwest Europe. Comprising of two festivals and one conference in two days, Noorderslag puts you in touch with the movers and shakers of European radio, European festivals and the European live music industry, and brings you the best of new European and Dutch talent.

EuroSonic/Noorderslag consists of three elements:

- EuroSonic

- Noorderslag Seminar

- Noorderslag

Noorderslag is held in the city of Groningen, 180 km northeast of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, approximately 2 hours by train from Schiphol Airport

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Noorderslag, EuroSonic and the Noorderslag Seminar are organised by the Noorderslag Foundation, a co-operation of the Conamus Foundation, De Oosterpoort Groningen and NPI, the Dutch Rock & Pop Institute.

Sold out? EuroSonic and Noorderslag will be broadcast live on this website on january 7th and 8th!

Soon on full length MP3's of several EuroSonic artists.

Wij feliciteren EuroSonic en Noorderslag met 5 jaar live aanwezigheid op het Internet:
1995-2000 vi / Iprecom Groep